best way to keep your eyeglasses safe and clean

best way to keep your eyeglasses safe and cleanFor you folks who wear eyeglasses sometimes lose, misplace, or break them. It’s easy to do, especially if you wear glasses only for reading or driving, instead of everyday full-time wear. Even if you don’t wear prescription sunglasses or progressive lenses, you could lose dollar-store reading glasses or expensive (or not) sunglasses. Whatever type you have, it’s inconvenient to leave them elsewhere or find them broken just when you need a pair to see or read.

Keep your glasses in an eyeglass holder when not in use. Your eye doctor will probably give you a holder with your prescription lenses. For store-bought eyeglasses or sunglasses, you can purchase a holder for a dollar or two. Always put your glasses of any kind in their holder when you don’t have them on. Make sure the holder is soft inside, to avoid scratching the lens, and solid outside, to protect against dropping or squeezing.